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Julie and Michel moving together

DNA of Arteconomy

Arteconomy and her international relationships


Julie and Michel moving together


The common denominator

Julie and Michel gradually discover that content and human relations are equally important in their cooperation. They feel the need to experiment and in this way they bring together different worlds,  on a business level as well as on a personal level.

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DNA Arteconomy


Arteconomy has started from the experiences of many years of an organically grown collaboration process between Constructies Espeel, Roeselare and plastic artists.

A short history and the evolution of the co-operation between artists and the economy in an international context. 



Arteconomy and her international relationships


Samen met andere internationale organisaties werkt Arteconomy aan het wetenschappelijk onderbouwen van de samenwerking tussen kunst en economie.

Our partners:

  • knowledge institutions researching the cooperation between artists/creative industries and companies/organisations.
  • intermediaries that are starting up concrete project

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