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"Arteconomy is one of the few companies in Belgium that simultaneously illustrates originality and process development from within."

Prof Dr.H. Van den Broeck, The Balancing Act of Innovation. Vlerick and Lannoo Campus chapter 1.


Connecting different worlds in order to achieve concrete results isn’t easy. Arteconomy has had these specific competences and experience since 2002.



In this project by MIVB/STIB and the artist Steve Schepens, Arteconomy was the intermediary between the artist and the company as well as the process coach of the entire project.
This video is in Dutch and French, with subtitles in both languages.


Do you as an artist, company or intermediate organization want help for your project/ambition/plans involving the art and business world? We can help you in every stage of the process, from partial solutions to total solutions. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.


In our projects we worked together with the following artists:

Michaël Aerts, Sarah Bostoen, MarieJulia Bollansée, Anouk Declercq, Peter De Cupere, Sophie De Somere, Kim De Ruysscher, Frederik De Wilde, Honoré d'O, Nico Dockx, Pieter Jan Ginckels, Eric Joris/Crew, Els Opsomer, Koen Peeters, Sarah&Charles, Kelly Schacht, Steve Schepens, Kris Verdonck, Pieter Vermeersch, Angelo Vermeulen, Kris Vleeschouwer, Jonas Vansteenkiste&Veerle Michiels.

and with the companies below:

Hangar K, Joker, Cartamundi, Bel&Bo, Blenders, Brussels Airport Compagny, Concordia Textiles, De Leerwijzer, Domotic Lounge, Flanders DC, Group Lhoist, Mastermeubel, MIVB/STIB, KBC Asset Management, Miko Koffie, Philips Lighting, Provincie Antwerpen, Siemens, Ubeon, Van Roey ICT, VdS Weaving, Vlaamse Overheid, Vito, Budafabriek, Flanders Inshape, Voltarchitecten, De Walhoeve, Flanders DC,...

Our expertise

There are two possible starting points:

1. Advice on how to place an artwork/cultural product on the market.

We want to share our expertise with you and help you think about how, why and what you want to do, help you focus. The lack of government subsidies for our foundation made us develop a specific way to put our products to market in a financially and economically healthy way. We use this expertise and evidence-based knowledge to help you with your product.

2. Intermediary role in projects where art and a company/an organization meet.

As a permanent neutral negotiator, advisor and process coach we can guide a project in its totality as well as specific aspects of it.

  • sharpening the goals of the project.
  • select artists, creative industries and other partners. The good partner-match is a key-factor.
  • anchor a project in the organization, meaning offering support during the project, promote and survey internal cross-over and communication, involve experts when there are specific challenges.
  • follow-up of the process via group meetings or individually, resolve  conflicts, communicate locally and internationally.
  • evaluate and implement the project results.


Our most important task: building trust   

Trust between both worlds doesn’t come automatically and is not measurable. It’s nevertheless an essential factor in the process. It needs to be built from both worlds. Learning from each other happens when you are open to the other person’s views and way of work, not by avoiding the cultural clash and becoming the other. Being open to the other partner and guarding one’s own boundaries is essential to such a process. In this way both partners can remain faithful to their own values and identity. Arteconomy understands both worlds and interprets it for its partners. Moreover, it helps to develop a common language within a project. Making a contract about the specifics on intellectual property is of the utmost importance. Arteconomy guarantees the success of a project.



Flanders in Action (VIA Dutch) is the future project for Flanders that wants to excel as an economically innovative, sustainable and warm society in 2020. At the lauch of this project 5 innovative entrepreneurs were introduced in the video Iconoclasts: Pacale Van Damme CEO Dell, Bart  Van Copennolle CEO Metris, ... Julie Vandenbroucke President Arteconomy.