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The seminar Art and Economy: We See No Difference was Arteconomy's first awareness campaign on the subject of art and economics. For eight evenings an audience of twenty-five entrepreneurs came together with art experts, philosophers and sociologists for a thorough discussion.

What do art and economics have to offer each other? Both have their own capital. For the entrepreneur it is money to finance stocks and product assets. For the artist it is freedom: freedom of thought and expression. But there are also similarities. Entrepreneurs are looking for meaning in what they do. Artists create a new language to give meaning and interpretation of what is happening. The entrepreneur may find inspiration from the artist, but also vice versa. The entrepreneur can undertake to support the arts.

In addition to the 25 entrepreneurs, other people from the academic and the art world participated as well: Bart Debaere, Rudi Laermans, Erik Temmerman, Marc Jacobs, Ritsaert Cate, Joelle Tuerlinckx, Lex ter Braak, Luc Tuymans, Marc De Kesel, Bart Verschaffel.

Within this group of entrepreneurs pioneering projects grew. It was also there that the concept for the book Artists and entrepreneurs: a new relationship arose. The author Marc Ruyters worked together with entrepreneurs to write this book.


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