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© Collectie Lhoist - Bernd & Hilla Becher

  • Corporate Art Collection round table 3 Artfair San Sebastian, Spain 2005
  • Corporate Art Collection round table 4 Brussels, Limelette, Lhoist Group’s headquarters, 2006
  • Domotic.Lab the theatrical presentation of new technology at the marketing conference: 'A New Look at Cooperation' UITmarketingburo, Amsterdam, 2008
  • Seminar: 'In search of commodities! The relation between Art and Economy Originates Creativity and Innovation', in collaboration with UBS Bank, Galerij De 11 Lijnen and Arteconomy, 2008 – Galerij De 11 Lijnen, Oudenburg
  • 'Arteconomy meets Siemens’ Interieur Biennial Kortrijk  –  Forum Design@work, 2008
  • Debate Art Brussels: 'Artist and Entrepreneur as Partners in a Company. How Far Does it Go?' Brussels Expo, 2009
  • B2B Franco-Belge: 'Art & Economy : Partners in Entrepreneurship', Quinze&Milan Kortrijk, 2012
  • Arteconomy at the round table Creative Drive in the Euregio Maas-Rijn, Luik, 2012
  • 'Art Must Roll’  CBK Utrecht, 2012
  • Launch CICI call 2013, Brussel, 2013
  • Seminar: 'The Relationship between Art & Luxury', Belgian Luxury Circle Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers Brussel, 2014
  • Sinart Meeting Day, Cultural Center Sint-Niklaas, 2014
  • Cultural Entrepreneurship Support Program, Embassy of Spain in Brussels, 2015
  • 'Different Ways of Being an Entrepreneur’ Rollarienses, Professional Women’s Association, Roeselare , 2015
  • 'Different Ways of Being an Entrepreneur', Artemis - Markant Zuid West Vlaanderen, 2016



Flanders in Action (VIA) is the future project for Flanders that wants to excel as an economically innovative, sustainable and warm society in 2020. At the lauch of this project 5 innovative entrepreneurs were introduced in the video Iconoclasts: Pacale Van Damme CEO Dell, Bart  Van Copennolle CEO Metris, ... Julie Vandenbroucke President Arteconomy.


1. Corporate Art Collection: round table 3 Artfair San Sebastian, Spain 2005.

Lecture and discussion: Vision of Arteconomy on the connection between art and the economy.
Arteconomy was invited to participate in the meeting between different curators of European corporate art collections in San Sebastian, Spain.


debat met rvb van de Corporate Art Collection in Spanje


2. Corporate Art Collection: round table 4 Brussel, Limelette, Lhoist Group’s headquarters, 2006.

Arteconomy gave a lecture followed by a discussion about the seminar Art and Economy: We See no Difference to the directors of European corporate collections of contemporary art.


round table 4 bij Group Lhoist Limelette


3. Domotic.Lab the theatrical presentation of new technology at the marketing conference: A New Look at Cooperation, UITmarketingburo, Amsterdam, 2008.

Arteconomy gave a lecture about the marketing case Domotic lab at the association of marketers, UITmarketingbureau.

The case appeared in the publication Together Works! Successful Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship (Dutch). UITmarketingburo and EM Culture Tilburg, Amsterdam, November 2008.


4. Seminar: In Search of Commodities! The Relation between Art and Economy Originates Creativity and Innovation, in collaboration with UBS bank,  gallery De 11 Lijnen and Arteconomy, 2008 – Gallery De 11 Lijnen Oudenburg, Belgium.

Professor Pier Luigi Sacco Professor of Cultural Economics; Head of the Department of Arts and Design, University IUAV Venice gave the introduction to the theme: From Art Patronage to Investment: The Arts and Business Connection in Reshaping Post-Industrial Value Chains. In addition, Prof. Dr. Herman Van Den Brouck, Vlerick Leuven Gent, presented the results from the Vlerick study followed by a discussion of the experiences of the entrepreneur and the artist in different cases: Lhoist,  Promofashion with the artist Els Opsomer and Concordia Textiles with the artist Michaël Aerts.

Press article: The Value of Art, Nicola Setari, Janus Arts Magazine, January 2008.


c collectie Lhoistc collectie Lhoist

© Collectie Lhoist 1-2


5. Arteconomy meets Siemens Interieur Biennial Kortrijk  –  Forum Design@work, 2008.

Philippe Maertens, Vice President and director of Siemens Automation & Drives Belgium and Julie Vandenbroucke, president Arteconomy explain the innovation value in the collaboration between the artist and the employees of Siemens Automation & Drives Belgium. This encourages the emergence of a new creative and innovative thinking with groundbreaking ideas that create an added value for the two partners. The artist can transform ideas he could not have achieved on his own. The company leaves the classic role of sponsorship behind and underlines its innovative strength and community involvement.

6. Debate Art Brussels: Artist and Entrepreneur as Partners in a Company. How Far Does it Go?? Brussels Expo, 2009.

What is the meaning of this kind of collaboration for the artist? Can he remain an artist within the company, or does he become some sort of consultant? Experienced national and international entrepreneurs, artists and curators commented on Belgian cases and experiences.

Guest speakers: Michaël Aerts (Artist), Alastair Creamer (Director Creamer and Lloyd), Els Opsomer (artist), Aline Pujo (Curator-Collection Neuflize Vie, Chairman Iacocca), Julie Vandenbroucke (President Arteconomy), Stef Vandemeulebroucke ( CEO - Domotic.Lounge / Elektromat), moderator: Karel Cambien.

After the debate: Book launch: Walk With Me, written by Charlotte Bonduel and Luc Derycke about the collaboration of Constructies Espeel with artists from 1989 up till 2008.


7. B2B Franco-Belgian: Art & Economy: Partners in Entrepreneurship, Quinze&Milan Kortrijk, 2012.

Art & Economy: partners in entrepreneurship ...How can both affect each other positively?

How can they be useful to each other in the development of skills, competences, knowledge? Areas in which there are points of contact.
Arteconomy gave its vision and was in discussion with the entrepreneurs.

8. Arteconomy at the round table Creative Drive in the Euregio Maas-Rijn, Liege, 2012.

Creative Drive: Creativity as an economic instrument and amplifier in the Meuse-Rhine area. It outlines the importance of the artist and the creative industries as part of the economic lever for the region.


9. Art Must Roll CBK Utrecht, 2012.

Showcase best practices of the arts program Art Must Roll # 2. The lecture took place at CBK, employment agency

During that evening several examples of successful matches between companies and artists were presented. Arteconomy presented the Glassworks project between Siemens and the artist Kris Vleeschouwer.


10. launching CICI call 2013, Brussels, 2013

16 projects were selected in the first Call for Innovation with Creative Industries (CICI Call). During the launch event Julie Vandenbroucke was interviewd as process coach.


11. Seminar: The Relationship between Art & Luxury, Belgian Luxury Circle, Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers, 2014.

Puilaetco Dewaay Private Bankers invited the Belgian Luxury Circle partners to the seminar exploring the relationship between the art and luxury worlds.

Bart Vander Herten, safety manager of the MIVB/STIB presents his case with the artist Steve Schepens ( interne link) and Julie Vandenbroucke the vision of Arteconomy.

Other speakers were: Arik Levy, internationally artist and designer, Catherine Carniaux, Consultant Bozar Patrons and Joris Peeters, Marketing Director Lexus Belgium.


12. Sinart Meeting Day, Cultural Center Sint Niklaas, 2014.

Can art save your company? Are young artists an added value for your business? Discovering young artists and providing opportunities for them is not only fascinating for an entrepreneur but it gives an extra dimension and intellectual value to the company. It confirms the openness and attention to creativity. In these rapidly changing times a lot of creativity is necessary to keep businesses healthy. A number of concrete cases were presented by Arteconomy.

13. Cultural Entrepreneurship Support Program, Embassy of Spain in Brussels, 2015.     

The CultUp program wants to enlarged human capital, by training young Spanish managers and entrepreneurs under 35 resident in Belgium. They want to make it easy for them to access a new productive model that values innovativeness, knowledge transfer and creative knowledge application.


14. Different Ways of Being an Entrepreneur Rollarienses, Professional Women’s Association, Roeselare, 2015.

Lecture and debate with female entrepreneurs.

15. Different Ways to be Innovative, Artemis - Markant West Vlaanderen, 2016.

Arteconomy explains how in times of crisis we must dare to change our way of doing things to be innovative. Artists and creative industries offer different ways of thinking to enable this.