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  • Interdisciplinary Colloquium: Market Economy & Art. University of Antwerp, 2006
  • Leerstoel Karel Geirlandt symposium Ghent University: Behind or Beside You. Dynamic Processes Behind the Scenes of Contemporary Art Creation, 2007
  • Interview by Harry Starren, director of De Baak Management Centre VNO-NCW, during their Special Event about the project ‘The Promenade’ at Concordia Textiles, at the Dutch management Center Driebergen, 2008
  • Lecture about Bourdieu. L. Vanmarcke, sociologist at &Compagnie, Ghent, 2008
  • Roundtable: ‘Commitment’ Frank Vandeveire, philosopher at Nucleo Ghent, 2008
  • Guest lectures in the academic world

1. Interdisciplinairy colloquium: Market Economy & Art, University of Antwerp, 2006

Arteconomy was invited by the University of Antwerp to give a lecture as part of the Interdisciplinary colloquium 'Market Economy & Art': Arteconomy connects, transforms and diversifies.

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A précis of this lecture was published in H ART magazine of February 15, 2007, under the title Arteconomy Capable of Connecting by Charlotte Bonduel.


2. Leerstoel Karel Geirlandt symposium University of Ghent: Behind or Beside You. Dynamic Processes Behind the Scenes of Contemporary Art Creation, 2007

Arteconomy connects and develops creative processes. Explanation of four projects within Arteconomy. The entrepreneur Stefaan Vande Meulebroucke explained the project Domotic Lab in his business.

The text was published in the LKG series published by Academia Press.

3. Interview by Harry Starren, director at De Baak Dutch Management Centrum VNO-NCW Driebergen, 2008

The interview took place during their Special Event and concerned the project The Walk at Concordia Textiles. Concordia Textiles wanted to boost the flexibility of its employees through the art project, teaching them more forward thinking to adapt to the changing market. The ultimate goal was more personal enrichment, rather than a concrete statement or an artwork.

4. Round table conversation: Commitment Frank Vande Veire, Nucleo Gent, 2008

Conversation between Frank Vande Veire and artists engaged in the Arteconomy projects about commitment between the artist and the economy. They looked at the meaning of commitment throughout history and what it means for the artist and the company in our projects today.

5. Lecture about Bourdieu, L. Vanmarcke, sociologist at &Compagnie, Gent, 2008

Introduction followed by discussion.

Pierre  Bourdieu (1930-2002), renowned French cultural sociologist, is one of the greats in his field. His vision on money and art, symbolic and economic capital and other distinctive concepts that indicate the connections between art and economics are important indications. What is its significance today?

Artists have succeeded in capturing a relatively large degree of autonomy towards their audience. That is why in some cases an art for the art world has developed. It is based on internal arrangements within the art world itself and on questions primarily arising from the art world. Understanding the special language of the art world will contribute to the creation of a select group of people who understand art compared to a majority who can no longer follow.  Bourdieu's work was explained in the first part of the lecture and that of its opponents Heinrich and Latour in a second part.

6. Guest lectures, jury member and member of a steering committee for academic studies

at Vives Kortrijk, Luca Gent and Brussels, Howest Kortrijk and Brugge, Kask Gent, La Cambre Brussels.