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© Jonathan Levy 2

One day Picasso was sitting at a table in a restaurant. A woman came to him with a napkin and asked him to draw something. In less than 30 seconds, the drawing was ready.

"Here you are. That will be $ 10,000", he said. '10, 000 dollars? For less than 30 seconds of work?" The woman was surprised. 

"Yes, but I also needed 40 years to be where I am now", Picasso replied.


In this anecdote - true or not - lies as much economy as art, as much market as creativity, the same supply and demand. 

Arteconomy brought entrepreneurs, artists, art experts and scholars from different fields together in the seminar: Art and Economy: we see no difference.
The lectures and the many discussions in the book 'Artists and Entrepreneurs. A New Relationship' were realized with the cooperation of the entrepreneurs themselves. From these meetings it appears that the matter is more complex, nuanced and even more polemical than we think it is. Starting from this experience
Marc Ruyters wanted to create clarity in this exciting process. Because art cannot be without economy, and economy cannot be without art. Indeed, the world needs both of them.

The book was put on the shortlist of Book of the Year (2007) by the Dutch organization OOA (Order of Organization Experts and Consultants).


The book and the seven pilot projects set up following the seminar were presented at:

  • Bel&Bo (before Promo Fashion) Deerlijk, one of the participants in the seminar, during the lecture: 'Ready for a new relationship in the business'. Keynote speaker Catherine de Zegher, former director of Channel Art Foundation, Kortrijk, The Drawing Center, New York and current director of the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent .
  • Business Club and the Friends of the MuHKA
  • VKW huys, Mechelen


Reviews (Dutch) of the book Artists and Entrepreneurs. A New Relationship and/or the seven pilot projects:

  • De Tijd in a book review: The difference between Art and Economy, Marc Holthof.
  • De Standaard newspaper in the category Book Research on page 22 in the section Economy: Artful Entrepreneurship Prof. Guido Debrabander, UAMS.
  • H Art in the book review section, About Art and Economy, Marc Holthof.
  • De Krant van  West Vlaanderen: With Promo Fashion art makes for a good business atmosphere, Karel Cambien.
  • An Innovative Wedding, Ondernemen VKW, Ria Goris.