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"The art of changing and art is changing; involve an artist!"
P. Bracke HR Magazine.



Have the staff of VDS Weaving grow and make them more conscious about respecting themselves, their colleagues and their surroundings.

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Production and result

At their first visit the two artists Sarah & Charles realised that there was little communication between the employees of the company and that they had little or no connection with the end result of their work. Initially they wanted to stimulate communication between the employees by making a video recording of individual workers telling about anything they feel strongly about. As the artists were more and more in touch with the company, they created a new idea: they would build an outdoor area, a garden, a small meeting place for the employees. There, they can have lunch, socialize, enjoy the sun and get to know each other better, so that respect for each other becomes possible. The creation of the garden was done in collaboration with Benjamin Claeys.

The whole concept (Dutch)


Press articles (Dutch)

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Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the business process and as coach of the project.