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"As an employer, I am sure we only utilize 10% of our employee’s talents. In this project I have seen what the other 90% can do."

Bart van der Herten, Corporate Risk&Safety Manager, MIVB.

"I’m astonished to see what my concept Art in Action has brought about for the employees of the MIVB."

Steve Schepens, artist



In this video the safety manager, a number of team members and the artist show you what happened during the realisation of BLACK BOX. French and Dutch spoken with subtitles.


Impact of the project

Safety is our business, the business of all of us. This project strengthened the individual as much as the collective awareness of the participants in their role of guarding the safety of the customer. They also discovered how a bottom- up approach works where intuition and feelings play an important part. The process led to good results as far as talent development, self management, leadership, creativity, teambuilding, job motivation and loyalty to their employer are concerned.


Who and what?

From January 2013 till the beginning of May a team of people working for MIVB/STIB were trying to create works of arts representing safety in transport together with the artist Steve Schepens. The aim was to represent safety in a symbolic way and to increase the awareness of the importance of safety with the staff of the business units of metro and tram. The MIVB/STIB thinks that elements such as behaviour and awareness are to a large extend driven by subconscious motifs. Black Box consists of 14 works made from waste material found in the various workshops of the MIVB/STIB and they refer to the back boxes where data of vehicles are kept.


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the company and the artist and as a process coach of the project.