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CICI wants companies, knowledge institutes and creative people to work together in innovative ways.


Involving others in innovative challenges leads to new ideas and perspectives. Thus, technology and science for example have a positive impact on innovation in the creative industries. Conversely creative industries in themselves are very innovative. This combination can lead to breakthroughs in science, in business and in our society.

The Flemish government wants to encourage the cross-fertilization between the creative people/artists, scientists and/or entrepreneurs. CICI program should allow to build a number of inspiring collaborations that bridge the gap between creative industries and other sectors. 


2 of the 8 projects coached by Arteconomy

1. Photo left: Bacteria  Monster



In health care, hand hygiene is considered to be the most effective measure to prevent infections. But awareness-raising actions are not often successful. For this reason Gelotology, University of Leuven and the health care provider Emmaüs developed the Bacteria Monster, a nice way of stimulating children to wash their hands after a visit to the toilet.

2. Photo right: project Heliofoon

Heliofoon (Dutch), an installation that changes the energy of the sun into sound without using electronic amplification. Heliofoon is the result of research in cooperation with the University of Leuven laboratory for Acoustics and thermal physics and supported by a grant from IWT-CICI.


Arteconomy was selected as process coach and supervised a number of projects.

The partnership Arteconomy - Baltan Laboratories was selected as a facilitator in the second call.