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© Pieter  Michiels 1-2

The Medici family linked themselves with artists and by doing so developed their vision of society, work and private life.

Pier Luigi Sacco Professor of Cultural Economics, IULM University, Milan.



Format in which three or four artists and as many entrepreneurs will meet for four afternoons. This concept was first developed by MAD Emergent Art Center (Paul Desmedt, Rene Pare) in the Netherlands under a Creative Challenge Call.

The participants from the business world and the arts sector were coached in the search for connections so that they could set up joint projects. Co-creation arises between two or more completely different disciplines with a common interest for the same subject. In four half days  practical concepts, proposals for development and innovative work processes were started.

The aim was to encourage interaction between the participants of the various workshops.


voorstelling van de studie over atelier 36 door Delphine Hestersvoorstelling van de studie over atelier 36 door Delphine Hestersvoorstelling van de studie over atelier 36 door Delphine Hesters

© KC Buda 1-2-3


ATELIER 36 (3X3) X 4 three artists and three entrepreneurs meet four times. Their common interest is multimedia.


Atelier 36 led to the following collaborations and concepts:

  1. UMO - Unidentified Moving: object: together Kris Verdonck, artist, and Dirk Ghekiere, dZine, look for ideas and material for the use of holograms. For dZine this is a commercial opportunity, for Kris an interesting track for a new artistic project. 
  2. GPS - Great Parental Steering: system: Eric Joris, artist, and Hans Vermandere, Indie Group, create a computer game that will stop children being bored during long car trips. Indie Group discovered there might be an opportunity in the market, the artist gained ideas and inspirations for his artistic career.
  3. The process of inertia: artist Yves Coussement wanted to set up a program at Traficon, where the staff are invited to reserve one day every two weeks for working on creative ideas. Yves acts as a catalyst to improve the creativity of the staff .

A partnership between Arteconomy and Arts Centre Buda with the support of Sumi.

Delphine Hesters (MA sociology K.U.Leuven) acted as observer and reporter. 


voorstelling door Yves Coussement op Atelier 64op bezoek in het atelier van Narcisse Tordoir tijdens Atelier 64werk van Kris Verdonck tijdens zijn voorstelling op atelier 64

© Yves Coussement © Pieter Michiels ©Kris Verdonck


ATELIER 64 (4X4) X four art directors and four artists meet four times. Their common interest are the interfaces within their domain.


Atelier 64 led to the following collaboration and concepts:

  1. A video project for dance: Ugo Dehaes, artist, and Lucas De Wilde, One Agency, examined the thin line between life and death, and the unbearable lightness of this. It was a video project that can be used during dance performances.
  2. Online exhibition tool: Narcisse Tordoir, artist, and Dirk Sabbe, Wijs (before Netlash), together developed an online exhibition tool where an artist can show his work.
  3. Multitouch: Rudi Bogaerts, artist, and Bart Chanet, Dreams and Creations, devised the Multitouch project for museums and other culture-oriented organizations. At a later stage more commercial applications will be developed.
  4. You Theater: with ‘You Theatre’, an installation in public environments, Timothy Segers, artist, and Christel De Maeyer, plugMedia, want to give people a voice and also want to encourage spontaneous performances and appearances. The installation was also used as a prototype at the exhibition Beaufort in Nieuwpoort.

Atelier 64 is a partnership between Arteconomy and plugMedia. Innowiz, Technical University Howest Kortrijk acted as observer.


Arteconomy set up the workshop content, led and guided both workshops.