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© Kim De Ruysscher

Unique platform


Late 2011 the city of Turnhout created a unique platform that gave five leading companies in the region: Cartamundi, Philips Lighting, Van Roey, Miko Coffee, Mastermeubel a chance to develop a pilot project with five renowned artists: Peter De Cupere, Nico Dockx in collaboration with Ann Veronica Janssens, Kim De Ruysscher, Victor Ramirez and Eric Joris/Crew.

The aim was to stimulate creativity and open innovation both for businesses and for artists in the region of Turnhout. Artists and companies were working on a joint creation of an industrial product or a work of art related to the company's products. A win-win for both partners was paramount. Artists used the know-how of the company. The company received an input of creativity.

resultaat project Cartamundi en Peter De Cuperelichtbaken project Mastermeubel en Victor Ramirezonderzoek in project Philips Lighting en Nico Dockx

© Nico Dockx 3

5 partnerships and 5 unique results in the projects


  1. Philips Lighting, a global player in the field of lighting innovation, collaborated with artist Nico Dockx. Together with a team of production workers and engineers the artist did research into the development of light in its most tangible form and into the possibility of making objects disappear in intense light and colored light. The limits of technical possibilities makes us think about perception and the interpretation of reality.
  2. The international company Cartamundi and Peter De Cupere, known for his works with scents, have printed ‘scent cards’ together. The smell can be detected by an iPad with an App created through the cooperation of the two partners. After the Ipad has detected the smell on the cards a unique work of art appears on the screen. (Internal link)
  3. Miko Coffee collaborated with sculptor and artist Kim De Ruysscher. In an old abandoned warehouse the artist made monumental sculptures in the form of nuts and bolts with the residual products of roasted coffee. The sculptures have a rusty appearance and give the entire space an intense coffee aroma.
  4. Mastermeubel and the Spanish artist Victor Ramirez worked together to create a ‘light painting’. The collaboration was a technical examination of paint and light but also a study of how the artistic world of the artist has an impact on the company. The artwork is placed permanently on the street side of Mastermeubel.
  5. The innovative ICT company Van Roey and the artist Eric Joris from the experimental group Crew worked together to create a performance installation for the innovative exhibition of Flanders DC. Via sensors in their hands visitors were able to create three-dimensional drawings in space. The result was visible on a screen in real time.


meeting tussen de partners in project Turnhout Culturele hoofdstad


The five projects were presented at the Innovation Test parcours of the Creativity Festival in November 2012.

Arteconomy and the city of Turnhout signed an agreement whereby Arteconomy got to develop the concept and to be the mediator between the artists and the companies.


Arteconomy had to make the open call to the artists, the selection of the projects in the company, and had to supervise the processes individually and in group.

Arteconomy has published a brochure about this project.

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