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On 19 June 2018 the Department of Youth, Culture and Media of the Flemish Government organized a workshop about innovative cross-over projects for cultural organizations who want to work together with non-cultural partners. Cross-over projects often give the cultural sector access to other sectors and give them the means and the time to explore and question new ideas. After infomation and evaluation of prevous projects a debate was organized:

Innovation and Culture: Is it more than a Fashionable Concept?

Members of the panel: Julie Vandenbroucke Arteconomy, Gie Van den Eeckhout, Socius - Thomas More Hogeschool, Dieter Suls, Museum of Fashion Antwerpen.
The moderator Lucas Evers Waag’s Wetlab Waagnatie Amsterdam Nederland led the debate.


Statement Arteconomy: the artist goes beyond the work of art and takes, as Michelangelo Pistoletto says, his/her social reponsibility. Why do I do this?