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The Added value is the return for the company

A number of concrete practical examples were discussed regarding those investments and their value: the project with Raphaëlle de Groot, Joelle Tuerlinckx, Roudenko Claire Bertin, Martine Platteau, Hans De Pelsmacker ... in collaboration with Fili Lanificio Cerruti, Italy and Constructies Espeel nv, Belgium.

Took part in the debate:
Daniele Balit (chair meeting), Raphaëlle de Groot (Canadian artist), Hans De Pelsmacker (Belgian artist), Annelies Espeel (Secretary), Michel Espeel (CEO Espeel construction) Christoph Fink (Belgian artist), Jeroen Lauweryns (art critic) Maria Pioppi (Deputy Director Cittadellarte), Michelangelo Pistoletto (director of Cittadellarte), Martine Platteau (Belgian artist), Claire Roudenko Bertin (French artist), Dirk Sturtewagen (Leys Pants project), Miriam Bag (research Espeel project) Joelle Tuerlinckx (Belgian artist), Julie Vandenbroucke (chairman Arteconomy), Hakim Zemni (representative & Comp Angie project)


bezoek van Michelangelo Pistoletto aan het bedrijf Espeel ConstructiesMIchel  Espeel en Honoré d'O debatteren bij de opening van Cittadelarte Biela Arteconomy is te gast op 1ste productiebeurs in Cittadellarte Biela


Arteconomy and Cittadellarte are inspiring each other

  • Espeel Constructies took part in the opening debate of the Cittadellarte Foundation, 1998.
  • Participation of Espeel Constructions in the First Art and Production Fair in Biella, Italy, 2001. 
  • Cittadellarteconomy two logos, two organizations, Charlotte Bonduel - Isabelle Debaets, Janus magazine, 2005. Charlotte Bonduel wrote an article in which she compares Cittadellarte and Arteconomy and Isabelle De Baets interviewed Julie Vandenbroucke and Michel Espeel about cooperation between Espeel Constructies and artists and about the Third Paradise.