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"The emotional experience can very well serve as a message carrier to launch a domotic experiment."

Stef Vandemeulebroucke, CEO Sumi.


"Anyone who paid a visit to DOMOTIC.LAB, the one-to-one performance by Sophie De Somere, will probably not forget this strange experience. In the authentic, old-fashioned interior with nostalgic scents, anecdotal ornaments and one soul full of life experience, one sees what automation is actually capable of."

Febelux, Federation


Sumi asked one-to-one theatre maker Sophie De Somere  to use her artistic experience to create a performance or an installation where the visitor and spectator can experience domotic technology in a playful, yet personal and conscious way. The artistic research of the artist focused on spatial experience, manipulation and sensuality.


Production and impact

A door opens and closes. The visitor is confronted with an elderly woman in her own biotope. The signals one gets are the opposite of the ones that come from the commercial world of domotics outside. The uninvited guests seem to penetrate someone's intimate world. And while they stay there, they are faced with the world of automation during the performance. Domotic.Lab shows no automation, but uses it discreetly, in a surprising and functional way. This project was presented in 2007 at the fair Architect@work in Kortrijk Xpo.

This marketing project arouses emotions and is shocking, disappointing, surprising and hopeful at the same time. The project Domotic.Lab was highly innovative in marketing and was invited to several other trade fairs as exemplary for the renewal. It was also present in the museum ‘1302’ in Kortrijk Congé in July 2007, at the trade fair Classics in Kortrijk in November 2007 and at Trends in Living in the Skyhall Zaventem Airport. After that the space was used for experimental theatre by the artist.

Domotic.Lab the theatrical presentation of new technology was presented at the marketing conference Nima: New Ideas for Collaboration. The case appeared in the publication Together Works! Successful Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship. UITmarketingburo and EM culture Tilburg, Amsterdam, November 2008.

Press Articles (Dutch):

  • Een innovatief huwelijk, VKW Ondernemen.
  • Innovatie is dood, leve integratie! + doorbraak, H Art.
  • Nodig een artiest uit op kantoor, De Tijd.


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the business process and as coach of the project.