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From the press release Change Management:

Stimulates willingness of employees to change by developing an art project. Concordia Textiles makes use of this unusual approach that makes change grow from within. One of the conditions is that you let go of control, something which managers are rarely good at. Because when it comes to change, it often works top-down, is directive and controlling. However, staff commitment is needed.

Press article: Change is an art and art change ( Dutch).


In 2011, the seminar was: Change is an Art

In 2011 HR Magazine organized the seminar for HR managers of companies/public institutions, in collaboration with Arteconomy. This seminar brought the experiences of the entrepreneurs and the artists of two Arteconomy case studies with an introduction by Tomas Wallaert who talked about the conditions for efficient change. Tomas Wallaert is the author of Everybody wants change.