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The work 22.03.2016 develops with the employees of Zaventem Airport. Reflections, signs…after the attack at Zaventem Aiport March 2016 are taken down. These eventually grow into one big image.




Via this workshop the employees of the airport are stimulated to express their feelings about about this trauma. The aim is to forget about the stress of the job and home. In this way certain feelings can find a place. The whole form comes into existence and grows via individual thoughts and conversations. The ideas find their way via simple drawings, collages, texts, … that are assembled as a whole. The personal drawings, texts,… show an individual picture but together they form one installation. The end result is placed in the offices of the airport.

This co-operation created a feeling of connection between the employees of different departments/enterprises and a collective will to act for a common purpose.


This workshop started in cooperation with Feel Good of Brussels Airport Company.

Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and Brussels Airport Company - HerculesTrophy and as a process coach of the workshop.