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© Kris vleeschouwer 1-2

"Cooperation with the artist is the red carpet for innovation."

Philip Maertens, Vice President Siemens, Director of Automation and Drives.


Artist Kris Vleeschouwer sought the help of Siemens to develop the necessary technology for a monumental artwork for the exhibition Young Belgian Painters Award 2005.



Production and impact of the project

The artwork Glass Works was established through the fertile collaboration between the artist who acted as project leader within the team of engineers and product developers from Siemens Automation and Drives and four other companies.
The project was motivating for the employees involved and promoted creative thinking and problem solving. They learned to deal with the non-paper-way of working. They started with two A4 pages and not a weighty specification as normally happens. The realization was a technological marvel which received extensive coverage, both externally (press) and internally.
Through this collaboration, Siemens strengthened its profile as an innovative company and engaged itself in a broader social context. Siemens was not acting as a sponsor of the artist but as a facilitator.

Kris Vleeschouwer received the Centre for Fine Arts Prize for this artwork. Moreover the project contributed to his international breakthrough.

Press articles (Dutch):

Creativiteit en zakelijkheid vinden elkaar in bedrijfskunst, De Tijd.

Een innovatief huwelijk, Ondernemen VKW.


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the business and as process coach of the project.