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Hangar K is looking for a partnership with artists and designers who make people and companies involved in its network tangible.

‘The network always wins’ Peter Hinssen

In these times of social media, networks are becoming increasingly important. Where they used to be in the form of physical meetings, the internet ensures that they become less tangible. A network has different dimensions, namely trust, expertise, detail knowledge, general insights, technical skills, social skills ... On the one hand there is the network that we know directly and on the other hand there is the more extensive network: the friends of my friends. There are also different contexts: the family, personal friends and the Hangar Krowd.

Hangar K is more than just a coworking space. It is a co-creation hub where startups, scale-ups and established companies are brought together under one roof with a clear mission: to strengthen entrepreneurship. Hangar K connects starters with growth ambitions and established companies looking for inspiration and innovation, with the aim of stimulating co-creation and cross-fertilization between the various companies.

The people within the business units are the link which forms the community = the KROWD. The KROWD includes the companies that are active within the building but also those from the area. Hangar K sees itself as a catalyst to involve the companies and other significant partners between Gent-Lille-De Panne-Bruges in the KROWD. To achieve this, a strong KROWD ENERGY that connects everyone with each other is needed.

Hangar K assumes that artists and designers, in addition to other factors, can play an important role in making the KROWD energy tangible. Thus Hangar K wants to enter into a partnership with artists/designers in close collaboration with Arteconomy.


Engagement Hangar K

  • offers a workplace in an innovative co-creation hub with a focus on digital technology
  • enters into a partnership with 2 different artists / designers.
  • organisation of  2 Hangar K & Friends events as a focus of the artist for the community.
  • Hangar Krew supports the projects of the artists / designers.
  • in collaboration with Arteconomy, organization of 2 feedback moments with focus group
  • in collaboration with Arteconomy organization of  a closing symposium with lessons learned and proposals for a sustainable and strategic implementation of the partnership.

Engagement Arteconomy

  • takes the lead in this project.
  • coaches the partners involved during the process.
  • this project provides the impetus to develop, together with Hangar K, a method for a sustainable strategic implementation of such partnerships, both for artists/designers and companies.
  • the artist/designer receives a fee of € 4,000 including travel and accommodation costs through subsidies from the Flemish Community. If a collective is selected, this amount is shared with the entire collective.
  • the operating budget is determined in consultation with the artist/designer and Hangar K.

Engagement artist, designer

  • the artist/designer works out a Krowd process for 4 months with two Hangar K & Friends events as focus moment.
  • the artist/designer is committed to be active on site during the process and to interact with the companies in Hangar K.


  • 25 February 2019 : Deadline applications artists/designers
  • before 15 March, the composition of the partnership will be made by the Hangar K and Arteconomy team.
  • working period:
  • period 1: 15 March - 15 July 2019 with 2 Hangar K & friends events
  • period 2: 15 July - 15 November 2019 with 2 Hangar K & friends events
  • November concluding symposium


Application & more info:

Submit your application before 25 February via the application form.


Hangar K & friends is a recurring community event in Hangar K where the Hangar Krowd meets , new Hangar Krowd members present their projects to each other and there is always a fun and informative peripheral activity organized.


  • Hangar K is an inspiring hub for ambitious entrepreneurs in the Kortrijk region. It is a dynamic concept with a clear mission to strengthen innovative entrepreneurship. Hangar K encourages co-creation and cross-fertilization between starters, scalers and established companies. Within Hangar K entrepreneurs support each other, learn from each other and realize their growth ambitions.
  • Arteconomy brings together art, economics, science, technology, education and creative industries to dare to do business differently through pioneering collaboration and to create new ideas, new products, new services and a different view of the corporate culture.

Supported by:
This project is realized with grants from the Flemish community