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During Kortrijk Creativity Week on 24 October, Hangar K and Arteconomy held a lively and fascinating symposium for entrepreneurs and creative people with the question: Where do you get your inspiration from?


jasnarok# inspiratie# arteconomyjasnarok# inspiratie# hangarK# arteconomy

jasnarok # arteconomy# inspiratie


The artists duo Veerle&Jonas and the artist Frederik De Wilde present the set-up, process and outcomes of the project Hangar Krowd set up in Hangar K. The aim was to increase cohesion in the community of Hangar K and to promote cross-fertilization between the different entities.  

The method and key factors used in setting up the Hangar Krowd project were explained by Julie Vandenbroucke and Piet Verhoeve.


13.30: Arteconomy: Why collaborate with artists? Case study Hangar K - Julie Vandenbroucke - Piet Verhoeve

14.00: four artists talk about the big question: "Where do you get inspiration from?"

  • Jonas Vansteenkiste & Veerle Michiels
  • Frederik De Wilde
  • Michael Aerts
  • Joke Raes

15.00: four start-ups discuss the same question

  • The Goosebumps Factory
  • Djar
  • Creator
  • Little Miss Robot

16.00: Jasna Rokegem (Jasnarok)

Where art, science and technology meet.
Jasna gives an overview of her conceptual designs and how cross-fertilization of these different disciplines forms the basis of all her work.

16.30: Apero and networking moment