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Arteconomy established contacts between Siemens Automation & Drives and the College of Science and Arts St. Lucas Ghent, Department of Architecture. This resulted in a cooperation agreement between the two partners.



This collaboration is part of the new developments in architectural education, particularly in the Master Course EAD or Explorative Architectural Design.
The concept of a space for action-reflection and the structure of this system is derived from the thinking and research of Marc Godts.
The collaboration between the designer, MMLab and SIEMENS is an opportunity to address the technological challenges of developing a prototype for this space. What is being examined is the impact of new technology in architectural concepts and projects.


Multi-annual programme

The aim for Siemens is to support the education and training of students in the fields of infrastructure and domotics where automation and industrial automation are crucial and groundbreaking.

A continuous interaction between research in design, logistical and theoretical support can lead to new visions of contemporary architecture.