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© Flanders Inshape 1-2

Sarah Bostoen, Compagnie Monica, choreographs and dances her insights from the OpenCareLab project in the brand new choreography Elena, October 2014. Hanne Schillemans dances. 



OpenCareLab looked for inspiring prototypes for a different form of care. The project OpenCareLab tried to imagine what future health care 2020 - 2040 will look like. Several scenarios were discussed with a large group of experts and designers from different disciplines.

Sarah Bostoen worked as a volunteer along with other volunteers in the team Careline. This inspired her brand new choreography Elena reflecting her impressions from the project. This choreography was created on behalf of Flanders Inshape, Design Platform Flanders.
The dance performance was part of Design Fusion 2014, the design summit of Design Platform Flanders, where the results of OpenCareLab were presented to the public.

More information about Flanders Inshape.


Arteconomy selected the choreographer and acted as a mediator and facilitator between Flanders Inshape and the artist.