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A project of Arteconomy in the context of Turnhout Flanders City of Culture in 2012. 

This section contains contributions from I. Lieten, Flemish Minister of Innovation, A. Claes, project manager SPK, and highlights both the production process and the final results for the partnership between the company and the artist:

  • Carta Mundi & Peter De Cupere
  • Miko Coffee & Kim The Ruysscher
  • Master Furniture & Victor Ramirez
  • Philips Lighting & Nico Dockx
  • Van Roey ICT Group & Eric Joris

A short introduction in English.

Ingrid Lieten, Minister of Innovation.

"Creativity is more than just art. However, art can be an ideal starting point for creative innovation. Some time ago I heard the story of the Belgian artist Frederik Dewilde who needed the blackest black, the darkest material ever, for a work of art. Together with the Rice University in Texas, he created the new black on an atomic level. It is 144 times blacker than ordinary black. What started as a creative idea is still with us. Nasa is investigating the use of this black as lining for telescopes to neutralise incoming light better. An innovative idea coming from a Belgian artist."