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Projects and activities of Arteconomy appear regularly in the art magazine H ART.

In 2008 Arteconomy published a keyword in the art magazine H Art every six weeks. Every time we asked an entrepreneur, an artist or an organization to come up with a keyword for the relationship between art and economy that encourages reflection.


Politics, because art and economy can and should both have an impact on the organization of society, and the connections that our res publica forms. Economy enhances possible relationships through compatibility and art is all about specifics, non exchangeables. Art is not productive.
Bart De Baere
director MUHKA


[im] patience

Because it painfully shows how little space is given to creativity and imagination. Arteconomy has the patience to appreciate and stimulate creativity in all areas. It creates a platform where artists and entrepreneurs can and want to strengthen each other. Through questioning the usual exchange between these actors, Arteconomy has developed a monumentum through which it advocates a thorough exchange of ideas in all areas. Arteconomy is convinced that a small change has started but at the same time it is but a shameful start. [Re]start.
Els Opsomer



Arteconomy is wanted by people:
who 'are looking for' innovation, money, creativity, social relevance ...
who want to increase creativity, managerial insight and social relevance who want to be innovative ...
Both are present in art and in the economic world.
The connection between the two is enriching for both.
Julie Vandenbroucke
president Arteconomy



If an object exerts a force on another object this creates an equal, but opposite force. This is generally understood as the third law of Newton or the law of action = reaction. The moment art knocks at the company's door and the company holds up the mirror of reality to the arts, a whole world of new possibilities comes to exist. Arteconomy plays an important pioneering role in this research. The question is: what can these two worlds meeting generate and how will this evolve in the future?
Kris Vleeschouwer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               



A breakthrough is making a large and important step forward.
A breakthrough is a result of the combination of vision and execution.
A breakthrough creates a great deal of satisfaction and success, and has a stimulating effect on the environment.
Arteconomy inspires creating breakthroughs although you have to force it sometimes.
But 'breakthrough' at least gives the feeling of being ahead.
Manu Tuytens
Concordia Textiles


final result

During a brief observation in a first visit to VDS Weaving, we noticed that the company's workers work on a product they never see the end result of. As artists we work on a process towards a final result. Looking at your own creation, a work necessitating energy, time, blood, sweat and tears, gives satisfaction that is humane and necessary to give life meaning. With this in mind we want to proceed.



The Art and Entrepreneurial World like to flirt with each other but think that they are two distinct worlds. Each one thinks his own world is best, but they are still attracted to the other world. Arteconomy does away with this cliché. The Arteconomy activities bathe in an atmosphere of open inquiry and self-criticism, where these two worlds reinvent themselves; an enriching symbiosis.
Jan Leysen
businessman / lawyer