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© Katrien Dekoninck 1-2

In 2008, the Province of Antwerp and the Alliance Rupelstreek took the initiative to set up a regional development project in partnership with the Businesspark Hoek 76 and artists Katrin Dekoninck, Luc De Backer, F. HusbandKris Vleeschouwer.


Strategic goals.

  1. Strengthening the historical and natural coherence of the five villages situated along the river Rupel as far as living, working and recreation are concerned.
  2. Strengthening the region's own specific identity for the purpose of showing the Rupel region as an accessible, future-oriented and innovative region.
  3. The deployment of a unique partnership artist-entrepreneur as a lever to develop the reconversion of the Rupel region into an accessible, future-oriented and innovative region.


Production and impact

  1. Vision Development at the think-tank Another Image for the Rupel region. Arteconomy initiated and guided the participation of businessmen, politicians and artists such as Kris Vleeschouwer and Luc De Backer. The think tank formulated proposals, objectives and a concrete approach to the Rupel Plan.
  2. Art project Hoek 76
  3. Following the cultural Biennial FIRE!WORK, the Business Park Hoek 76 invited three artists: F.Man, Luc De Backer and Katrin Dekoninck. They developed a concept to enhance the image and visibility of the Business Park and the region.
  4. The art project SPEAK by artist Katrin Dekoninck and the company Ampco Flashlight in the Business Park Hoek 76.
  5. SPEAK is a multimedia art installation in the Rupel region. The chimneys of the old brickworks are coated with a digital writing, drawing and image board. In their living room, the internet user can communicate via the chimneys  with speakers in various Belgian cities and also with other Internet users. In this way the artist illustrates the merging of historical industries, heritage, contemporary art, technology and economics.


Arteconomy was an intermediary during the whole process, coached and finalized the project.