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By 2040 two out of three people in the European Community are expected to live in urban environments. The ‘Sundry Seeds’ community oriented business model seeks to address the challenge of social divides linked to increased urbanization and diversity by tapping the potential of the growing economic sector of tourism.

Developed on the basis of best-practices of Joker/ViaVia’s engagement in sustainable tourism for the past 35 years, the ‘Sundry Seeds’ business model” represents a hybrid entrepreneurial approach where economic, social and educational spheres interact and reinforce each other.

The aim of this project is to develop, together with national and transnational partners, a ‘Sundry Seeds’ business model that is replicable in EU towns, to define implementation requirements & support, and test them in pilot framework(s).


Mechelen 2 July 2020

Sundry Seeds starts his pilot project with a focus on the catering industry in the old city library of Mechelen. Since October 2019, the old city library has housed Artenova, an artist collective, and SecondDesk, a co-working place. The whole is managed by the non-profit organization Mest, which makes abandoned buildings available to starters in Mechelen.
Two ladies namely Zulma from Argentina and Halima Driouich from Morocco are the starting entrepreneurs. Zulma presents the Argentine empanadas and Halima Driouich in Chez Eline serves the best Moroccan tagine on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from July 2, 2020 as a take-away as well as a delicious feast on the spot in the Moenstraat 19 Mechelen.

The start has been given and we will continue to build.


Sofia -Bulgaria 16-19 September 2019

Visits to social entreprises in Sofia – Bulgaria: Zero Waste – restaurant, Stanimira – chocolate producer, Sinergia – blind people take the visitor in Sofia on a guided tour.


Kick Off meeting & study visit in Sofia, Bulgaria about the project "Co-Network of social enterprises (CONSE)". The project "Co-Network of Social Enterprises (CONSE)" aims to finding solutions to problems of social enterprises in Bulgaria and in the EU.

Social innovations in 2 Bulgarian social enterprises will form the basis for the future and will be disseminated and  as a model in other Bulgarian social enterprises.
In order to promote social entrepreneurship and to facilitate the production and distribution of the goods and services of these enterprises, a unified platform will be created in cooperation with Joker NV, Belgium.


Sundry Seeds meeting with the transnational partners in Brussels – Leuven – Mechelen from 20 to 23 March 2019

Visit at social workplace the Kringloopwinkel in Leuven.


The group came to a consensus in connection with:

  • the defining of the policy on a transnational level.
  • the formulating of the 4 common values i.e. openess, equivalence, connection and innovation that are the principles on which the project will be continued.
  • the starting of several local ‘Great Good Places in EU Towns’ in Bulgaria, Flanders and Lithuania are planned.

In the Belgian team art and culture are seen as partners to empower the economic, social and educational hybrid network of Sundry Seeds, to create together ‘Great Good Places in EU Towns’. The latter become dynamic meeting places for women, young people, migrants and newcomers who want to become entrepreneurs, be creative and innovate in the tourist sector.

The artist is engaged on two levels in Sundry Seeds i.e. the transnational and the local level and this as far as governance and implementation is concerned. This means that the artist together with the economic, educational and other partners helps to develop the community -oriented business model together with some concrete workshops.

Visit at social workplaces e.g. Spit&Velo and Hal 5 Leuven.


Sundry: synonyms are diverse, different, varied, heterogeneous.

Seeds: germs, sources. 

‘Sundry Seeds’ is a growing network of diverse community oriented enterprises in a town, which are active in the broad sector of tourism, and which are mainly managed by young women or young immigrants. Those entrepreneurs, out of the premise ‘Diversity is Beautiful’ generate income and employment. That way they create a ‘Great Good Place in town’ for locals, travelers and stakeholders. 



European: VIVA PAULTALIA Association, Kyustendil, Bulgaria - VSI "Geros valios istaiga Lithuania Vilnius"  -  die BERATER, Vienna, Austria