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"Change is an exercise in letting go and managers are rarely good at it."

Eva Cools Vlerick Business School HR Magazine.


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The manager of Bel&Bo wanted to change the corporate culture so that employees participated and took more initiative. The manager wanted a fresh look at fashion through a learning process towards more openness and understanding of different perceptions.

medewerkers van Bel&Bo maken de Draak van Deerlijkmedewerkers van Bel&Bo maken de Draak van Deerlijksamen tafelen behoort bij het project van Bel &Bo


Production and impact

A group of employees worked on a creation with in-house products together with the artist Els Opsomer. The result of this was a 'dragon'. The artist and the creation of the dragon are trying to start a new way of thinking about man and society, which in turn leads to self-development and enrichment of the employees.

While the artist thought of the dragon as an idea or a symbol, the staff saw it as an actual product. That’s why they created a real dragon with fabrics, clothing and other in-house products. This process made the staff more aware of the value of participation and putting forward some of their own ideas.

The dragon stands in the entrance hall of the impressive industrial building where contemporary art occupies a prominent place.

Press  articles (Dutch):

  • Bij Promofashion zorgt kunst voor een goede bedrijfssfeer, Krant van West-Vlaanderen.
  • De Kunst van het veranderen, HR Magazine.


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the business process and as coach of the project.