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The Olfactory

"In my innovation department we mainly take on Masters in the Arts since the project The Smelling iPad proved what an asset artists are to get big customers on board."

Marco van Haaften, Manager Corporte Marketing Services.


Impact of the project

In 2012 the game The Smelling iPad put the company in the top 10 of companies with innovating games at the biggest toy fair in the world: Business meets Spirit of Play at Nürnberg. The aesthetics and the spirit of the artist convinced companies such as Lego and Hasbro: this is why they became important customers of Cartamundi. Because of the proven impact of ‘the different way an artist looks at their products’ the company has already taken on several Masters in the Art.    

For the artist Peter De Cupere his childhood dream to develop a game with cards for an international company was fulfilled. This innovating product was the basis for his monograph based on a game. 


speelkaarten Cartamundispeelkaarten project cartamundi

© Peter De Cupere


Who and what?

Cartamundi, a global player of new up-to-date playing cards and innovative printing systems and the artist Peter De Cupere, who works with scent found each other in their shared fascination for the game and their passion for new media. Together they developed ‘scent cards’: their smell can be recognised by an iPad via an app they developed themselves. After the iPad has smelled the cards a new and unique work of arts appears on the screen.


Arteconomy acted as an agent between the artist and the company. It was also process coach of the project.