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"If you have a work of art in your company you see it, if you have an art
project there you feel it."

Manu Tuytens, entrepreneur Concordia Textiles

"The creation of the group dynamic was a work of art in itself, but one that is not material."

Artist Michaël Aerts



Video (Dutch): Michaël Aerts, Patric Tuytens and Julie Vandenbroucke talk about the project The Walk at Concordia Textiles at the Dutch Management Center De Baak in Driebergen.



Through the art project, the textile company Concordia Textiles NV wished to boost the flexibility of its employees, to teach them more forward thinking in order to adapt to the changing market. The ultimate goal was personal enrichment, rather than a concrete statement or a work of art.


Michaël Aerts presenteert project Concordia Textilestekeningen project Concordia TextilesMichaël Aerts presenteert het project De Wandeling


Production and impact

"Encouraging a change of attitude is a cycle of rest, unrest and change." participants of the art project.

The artist Michaël Aerts took a group of company employees on The Walk: a mental and physical journey through his creative process. In this way they explored their own workplace and other virtual creation spaces. They met each other ten times spread over a year.
Participating in a creative process gave a strong impetus to the creative thinking and they realized that the notion of time has a different meaning in creation. This project promoted trust, openness, communication and team spirit. It sharpened their sense of entrepreneurship, working independently and the 'courage to act'. Entrepreneurs Manu and Patrick Tuytens want to use more art as a tool in other areas of their business, such as marketing ... They want to use their art collection more as a tool in business.

The employees built three modules that represented the three subjects Rest, Unrest and Change, as a synthesis of their sessions with the artist.

Press Article: De Kunst van het veranderenHR Magazine (Dutch)


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the business process and as coach of the project.