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An entrepreneur is faced with a challenge, he has a wish, an idea for innovation or renovation in the areas of production, product innovation, communication, marketing, information technology, services, personal development or corporate culture.

To assist entrepreneurs, a panel discussion was held with input of the public. The team of experts consisted of about 6 persons e.g. artists, designers, entrepreneurs from the same or a different market segment. The whole was led by a coach/moderator.

2 Public Presentations

1. Budafabriek Kortrijk in cooperation with Unizo, an entrepreneurial organization.
  • Panel: an entrepreneur, a designer, two artists, a student in advertising, the moderator.
  • Problem: approach to marketing for Mafi Parquet.
  • Selling Mafi parquet at the company Mafi Benelux Roeselare is not successful in the Benelux. Mafi Parquet is produced in Austria. They want the wood to be as natural as possible, or in other words, nature is the best designer. In many other countries Mafi Parquet sells very well and it has already won many international awards. As a parquet manufacturer Mafi focuses on the international avant-garde upper middle class.
  • The manager of Mafi Benelux wants to know from the panel: Why does my dynamite not explode? I want the product to give the place it deserves. How should I handle this? 


2. SPK Turnhout, a private entrepreneurial regional development organization.
  • Panel: an entrepreneur, two artists, two designers, a student SME management, contributions from the audience and the moderator.
  • Problem: How does SPK Turnhout communicate clearly to SMEs?  SPK foundation or Strategic Project Organization Kempen is a private regional development organization that, together with other partners, realizes innovative projects which try to change the region Kempen into a sustainable and attractive region. The abundant and complex communication makes it difficult for SMEs to realize which concrete actions and initiatives apply to them. That results in the fact that much communication is lost communication and that the message does not reach the company.
  • SPK asks the panel: How can the department of Economic Innovation within SPK, which is a complex organization with very different target audiences, communicate the message to the SMEs of De Kempen area ?


Arteconomy created and supervised the project VAC::ART::TURE