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What motivates a company that collaborates with artists? What are artists looking for? Why this particular company? Are they regular customers or outsiders? What can this collaboration lead to? What is the economic and artistic value?


Walk with Me shows the enriching cross-fertilization between many artists, entrepreneurs and employees of Constructies Espeel.
Ultimately, the alchemy of art and economy leads to two new start-ups, Essential SA and Arteconomy. But there is more. This book is called Walk With Me, an invitation to collaborate.

Video: In 1964 Luigi Nono, the Italian composer inspired by socialism, created La Fabbrica Illuminata as an ode to the metalworkers in the Italian north. This contemporary experimental work was only once performed in a company. In December 2005 Claire Roudenko-Bertin had this work performed for the employees of the metal company Constructies Espeel. She is co-owner of ‘the soul’ of the company. The soprano Anne Hey-Mi Shin sang the original version and was  given technical assistance by Arne Deforche of the Centre de Recherche et de Formation Musicales de Wallonie