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Democratic Constellations: Cittadellarte’s social impact.
“ The time has come for artists to take on the responsibility of establishing ties among all other human activities”

M Pistoletto, Project Art 1994.

Arteconomy organized a working visit at the home of our friends M.Pistoletto at Cittadellarte Biella, from 25 to 27 May 2018.

The opening of the new working year on Friday 25 May was very impressive and gave a clear image of their work in different sectors of society i.e. textile, ecology, urbanization, economy and religion. The day after that we had an interesting talk with Mr Paolo Naldini, director of Cittadellarte.

Cittadellarte and Arteconomy keep inspiring each other: they want to stimulate artists and make it easier for them to take responsibility in different segments of our society.

Arteconomy is used to setting up projects between artists and business. That is why Mr Paolo Naldini and Valeria Cantoni visited Arteconomy in Ledegem on 5 June. The role of the artist in the world of business was a particular point of discussion. In future we want to have a closer cooperation on a European level.


The relationship between Cittadellarte and Arteconomy finds its roots in:

  • Espeel Constructions took part in the opening debate of the Cittadellarte Foundation, 1998.
  • Participation of Espeel Constructions in the First Art and Production Fair in Biella, Italy, 2001.
  • A third meeting took place in 2003 when Mr Pistoletto and his wife Maria visited Espeel Constructions. For this occasion Arteconomy organized a round table debate with 20 people.
  • Cittadellarteconomy two logos, two organizations, Charlotte Bonduel - Isabelle Debaets, Janus Magazine, 2005. Charlotte Bonduel wrote an article in which she compares Cittadellarte and Arteconomy and Isabelle De Baets interviewed Julie Vandenbroucke and Michel Espeel about cooperation between Espeel Constructions and artists and about the Third Paradise.