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"The project created a connection that was safe and that allowed the civil servants to achieve real personal change."

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What does openness in the workplace mean? What is decisiveness in the job? Trust, how do you express this in your job? And what is being flexible in the way civil servants do their job?

The Flemish government wants to be an organization that is driven by four values: trust, openness, flexibility and decisiveness in order to anticipate the trends and needs of society.



The impact of this project takes place on different levels.

1. The final presentation of the process of the workshop is always shown to colleagues
  • Workshop Values and Image: a common creation of plastic arts by the participants.
  • Workshop Values and Word: every participant tells a story starting from personal experience and linked to the work.
  • Workshop Values and Motion: a common choreography.
2. Impact on the individual and group level of the participants:
  • The participants have become familiar with the four values from the combination of sensing, reason and physical. Holistic perception! The four values become more tactile and concrete for the participants.
  • The workshops are inspiring, energy giving and motivating.
  • The interaction between the participants takes place in an atmosphere of openness and trust and ensures there is engagement and interpersonal connection between the participants.
  • They have learned to think outside of the box, they have learned they can sometimes let go of rational thought processes. In this way they get a different perspective on the values in the organisation.
3. Transferable tool for the other civil servants

A script is made of the different workshops. Every time the method used is explained and documented via video, photos and text of the workshops. The aim is to make these workshops transferable to the different divisions of the Flemish government.

4. Meta-look to the future

The Flemish government wants to intensify and extend the results of these workshops by letting the participants operate as ambassadors and by also taking other initiatives.
One year later there is a follow-up of these initiatives.

The contents of these workshops will be published in a book.

A student of HKU, Hogeschool Kunsten Utrecht, made a thesis about the process and the impact of the project.


ambtenaren dansen in het atelier waarden en beweging Vlaamse overheidambtenaren dansen in atelier waarden in bewegingambtenaren dansen in het atelier waarden  in beweging van de Vlaamse overheid

© Flemish government

Who and what?

Three artists Els Opsomer, Koen Peeters and Sarah Bostoen are commissioned to make the civil servants eager to actively engage with the four new values and to implement them in the job of the civil servant.

Three ‘Value Workshops’ are created. The workshops always start from a different artistic discipline namely dance, literature and visual arts and should stimulate the engagement with these values.

The three workshops are:

The artists interact with a group of 12 to 15 civil servants about the four new values. They are part of the overall project Values in Action which will ensure a value -driven corporate culture.


Arteconomy acted as mediator between the artist and the government and as a process coach of the project.