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Are you ready for a transformational step in your business or organisation? 

Ai Weiwei, Pussy Riot, Banksy, … sometimes, one artist or artwork can move and change the world.


During a two-day workshop, we empower you as professional or executive to challenge the status quo and the systems that surround you.

Through tools, lectures and workshops, Arteconomy is your gateway to impact in innovation,
policies, change and entrepreneurship.

  • Improbable Art Thinking: an agile innovation and leadership method developed and taught at some of the world’s most renowned business schools and deployed for companies worldwide.

  • A journey through the wormhole: inspired by NASA, we’ve designed a framework that reveals synergies between the universes of art and innovation.

Lectures & workshops

Fountain, attributed to Marcel Duchamp (1917)



“To stay relevant as company or organization, there is no other option as to internalize artistic practices.”

(Koen Snoeckx – Owner & Director Arteconomy)

“Companies that combine scientific and artistic processes are more likely to bring radically new innovations to market.”

(Market study: “The Fusion Effect” – Nesta, 2016)

“We should look at how artists are trained to rethink the way we train entrepreneurs.”

(Steve Blank, Founder of lean startup and professor at Stanford University)

“Art Thinking allows you to challenge the status quo and create new norms for truth, appreciation, and relevance.”

(Sylvain Bureau, Professor and Director Jean-Baptiste Say Institute for entrepreneurship at ESCP Business School)



Arteconomy is – since 2022 - owned and managed by Koen Snoeckx.
Through his company Luscinus, he became an expert in setting up collaborations between the cultural and creative industries and other sectors. Within Arteconomy, he is flanked by a team of skilled experts and partners from the fields of art and entrepreneurship.

origins of Arteconomy date back to 2002, when Julie Vandenbroucke founded Arteconomy as a non-for profit. As a true pioneer, she brought artists into companies to work around pressing business challenges, be it about product innovation or corporate culture.



“Some of our students had a turn out point in their lives, after your workshop. Thanks for it!! It is our mission!”

Natalia Andía, Program
Manager OptionE & MSc, Madrid Campus ESCP
“We put the insights of Koen Snoeckx in practice in our open innovation initiatives, and they allowed us to discover the importance and the positive effects of the ’weak correlations’ that are out there.”
Sveva Rugiero, Project Manager, Startup Unit &
International Projects Development at ART-ER, Bologna
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