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Honorary president

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Julie Vandenbroucke

Founder & president at Moving Together // Founder and Honorary President Arteconomy



The origins of Arteconomy date back to 2002, when Julie Vandenbroucke founded Arteconomy as a non-for profit. As a true pioneer, she brought artists into companies to work around pressing business challenges, be it about product innovation or corporate culture. For twenty years, she built a portfolio of impactful projects and was at the basis of several publications and scientific studies.
She quickly gained reputation in the field of art-thinking methods and was featured in various publications in specialized and general media. In 2019, she received an honorary master from LUCA School of Arts, with the specific appreciation for how she managed to safeguard the artistic authenticity through all the collaborations she set up.

In 2022, Julie Vandenbroucke handed over the Arteconomy name and ideology to Luscinus (Koen Snoeckx)
and repositioned her non-for-profit as “Moving Together”, place of connection.

A small selection of noteworthy achievements from Arteconomy between 2002 and 2022 under the direction of Julie Vandenbroucke:

  • Arteconomy coordinated a collaboration between Cartamundi, world leader in card games and playing cards, and artist Peter de Cupere. The outcome of the collaboration was an artwork, called ‘The Smelling iPad'. As a result, Cartamundi managed to secure some prominent clients like Hasbro to buy into the underlying technology and the company decided to exclusively hire people with an artistic degree in their innovation department.

  • Arteconomy acted as partnership facilitator between fashion company Bel&Bo and artist Els Opsomer. Together, they focused on the leadership culture at Bel&Bo, transforming the company from a classical hierarchy into self-governing teams. With a substantial impact on the corporate culture that, according to the CEO’s testimonial, lasted for many years after the project was finished.

  • The seminar “Art and Economy: We See No Difference” was Arteconomy's first awareness campaign about art and economics. For eight evenings, an audience of twenty-five entrepreneurs came together with art experts, philosophers and sociologists for a thorough discussion. The initiative gave rise to various articles in general and specialized media, as well as to the book publication “Artists and entrepreneurs, a new relationship” (by Marc Ruyters).

  • In 2021, Julie Vandenbroucke co-authored and published the book “Innovate with artists (available in Dutch) in which she shares the knowledge and methodologies that result from her twenty years of setting up impactful collaborations between artists and companies.

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