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We subscribe to the belief that our society, economy and planet can thrive once we are able to put wellbeing and purpose on the forefront of our policies, businesses and innovations.
And we are convinced that the way to get there is by internalizing artistic practices.

Why internalizing artistic practices?

Our own experience as well as studies and insights from renowned organizations and thought leaders prove that artists and artistic practices have the unique ability to induce the paradigm shifts and radical innovations that are needed for professionals, companies, organizations and society to thrive. By which we mean: to stay relevant and successful, especially when faced with uncertainty, and to achieve the true sustainability that we, our future generations and our planet deserve.


It is Arteconomy’s mission to bring artistic practices into the minds, strategies and operations of as
many innovators, companies and organizations as possible. With a pro-active focus on activities in
the Benelux and Europe and a willingness to expand our influence globally.


Through tools, lectures and workshops, Arteconomy allows business executives, policy makers and
innovators to learn from artists and vice versa. As such, Arteconomy provides a low-threshold entry
into exciting and impactful cross-domain fertilizations. This positions Arteconomy as a trusted
gateway that leads to profound synergies between the artistic and other sectors.

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