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The book “Innovate with artists” (available in Dutch “Innoveren met kunstenaars”) was co-authored by Arteconomy founder and honorary president Julie Vandenbroucke. It is available at the better bookstore and through a selection of webshops (ISBN:9789492515711).

Across the world, artists and companies often work together successfully. This book, however, is not about residencies where artist go and do their thing inside a company, nor is it about companies that engage with artists ‘for the sake of’ or ‘investment in’ art.

This book is about full-fledged partnerships. Partnerships that look for the differences between artists and companies and that use them to create a win-win for everyone.

profound and impactful form of innovation is still unknown territory for many.​ Prejudice on both sides still too often stands in the way of collaboration between artists and companies.
With this book, the authors want to break through those prejudices. Based on practical experience, the authors support the theoretical framework with examples and testimonials.

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